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Devenir millionnaire, c'est possible! Par Cliff Wane


Devenir millionnaire, c’est possible ! Par Cliff Wane


(Tiré de la philosophie du bestseller Réussir, c’est possible ! Etude de six cas)


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La réussite multisectorielle est possible, étant donné l’affluence remarquable des stratégies y afférentes. Sur ce, il est également possible de devenir millionnaire, si certains principes de base sont scrupuleusement observés.


En effet, le concept millionnaire est polysémique car le statut de millionnaire peut être matériel, psychologique ou sociétal. Ceci veut dire que devenir millionnaire revêt trois dimensions, à savoir :


·         Matériel


·         Psychologique


·         Sociétal


En vue de mieux appréhender la quintessence de cette étude, il est sage de dire que l’on peut être millionnaire en sagesse, en connaissance, en gestion, en stratégie, voire matériellement. Par conséquent, l’essentiel de cette étude est de permettre au candidat dévoué de se situer par rapport à l’esprit de cette analyse multi faciale.


Illustration :


La  plupart pensent à la prospérité matérielle, lorsque le concept millionnaire s’insère dans une étude ; ce qui n’est pas un péché. Alors, comment devenir millionnaire (financièrement) ?


1.      L’esprit doit être disposé (loi d’attraction)


2.      Passer à l’action y relative ; si le millionnaire traite dix dossiers au quotidien, faites le de même. En guise d’illustration, il peut arriver que vous possédiez USD 10000 dont USD 5000 répartis dans trois différentes banques, USD 4000 investis dans une activité lucrative qui emploie un gérant, et USD 1000 prêtés à 11 nécessiteux. Cette stratégie vous permettra d’user le langage des millionnaires : le business est florissant (au ralenti), je vais parler à mes banquiers, il me faut payer mon employé, je vais procéder au recouvrement car onze personnes me doivent de l’argent.


3.      Compter sur ses propres ressources, en évitant de quémander au quotidien. En outre, soigner sa réputation, en payant ses dettes comme prévues, c'est-à-dire respecter sa parole rigoureusement.


4.      Manger à satiété, se vêtir décemment et bien équiper sa maison. Bref, réunir le nécessaire, en vue de mener une vie semi idéale.


5.      Accepter volontiers ceux qui veulent s’associer à votre activité florissante, en vue de gonfler son capital.


6.      Cultiver la discrétion, tout en s’imposant dans votre secteur d’activité


7.      Votre bonne gestion va attirer plusieurs, en l’occurrence les vrais millionnaires


8.      La loi d’attraction sera effective et agissante


9.      Maximiser les entrées, en diversifiant les sources


10.  Eviter les dépenses folles, substituées à la folie de grandeur


Source : observation empirique



DARE Strategy: Dreaming Action Enjoying Reaping( from SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE)

DARE Strategy: Dreaming Action Enjoying Reaping From SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE (Study of six cases) ALERT Cliff Yumba Mpiana WANE would like to encourage his friends from Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Malaysia and the USA (especially from California) to get a copy of tis inspiring book. “The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat.” Napoleon Hill Finalizing this strategy was boosted by corollary of all that had happened to me after many attempts to succeed. In contrast, many Australians and Americans experts had endorsed its contents. Indeed, it is not possible to finalize an empirical method without any experience on it, and it is for this reason that I had experienced before inserting it in this book. In addition, it is a strategy that can help you perfectly, if you are willing to. Dreaming “When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.” Napoleon Hill It happens many times that your dream fails to integrate daily, despite your efforts. This is naturally influenced by Reality, which is not complying exclusively with your desire. But carrying inaccessible to accessible is human being vocation. How, if there is no consistency in what you want to achieve, even if highest priority? However, any dream has an impact in your life, because everything that happens to you is the result of your dreams. Before dressing for instance, you had imagination about responsible dressing when in public. So this great imagination, understood as dream allows man to act quickly, because he believes in his dream. Dream and act at the soonest possible, because your imagination can transport you anywhere. Really, fashionable! It should be noted that policy analysis, business development, job creation policy, architecture and other you know, absolutely pass through dream. To say that desire and dream are bedrock of fulfillment of previously set objectives. Having regard to the foregoing, several are ready to qualify Dreamer, curiously, thereafter; you will be potential model to follow. In this respect, so many parents encourage their children to dream big, because performance would emerge later. Before accessing a success, you dreamed it; well as to become or hold any function, you also dreamed. To start a business or to marry a woman, you had dreamed and placed this desire on the top of your agenda. It means that you must breathe your desire, believe in its effects, plan, take it to heart, see it spiritually fulfilled. This will encourage you to develop strategies accordingly. Oh yes, dream is a weapon that is able to destroy any daily skepticism. In a nutshell, all human beings are free to dream of what they want to become, whatever torture or other outside influence, you can always dream, unmolested. Whatever time and circumstances, it would be best to wait for the realization of your dream. Because there is always a chance for this to become Reality, any government or negative force cannot prevent it, because inaccessible to naked eyes. Do you see what I dream? Finally, it is wise to consider dream in two senses; when committed to achieve some goals, and what you see when asleep. So an active dreamer deserves respect, because he dreams to fulfill his wishes. Today, you are a dreamer; tomorrow, people will follow your example, indeed. In other words, today he fires you; tomorrow you will hire him, for sure. Positive thoughts bring always whatever you pursue; just to say that you went through a lot, but success followed immediately. Taking Action “If you can't do great things, do small things in a great way.” Napoleon Hill Dream is an extremely important step in the process to success, because it was the idea of what you want to achieve. Unfortunately, nothing can happen if no action follows. As I’d be a billionaire! Perfect. As long as efforts relating thereto are not associated, you are just a builder of big castles in Spain (air). Burned in me a strong desire to start my own Talk Show Cliff Wane speaks ... (My Show Business to come). Unfortunately, I had no related material. My friend Dean Howell, from Australia Adelaide, encouraged me to do something, in way to pave the way for business I dreamed so much. However, I started releasing articles in English, in order to have an idea of what others think about my innovations. This extends even in the world of love, when someone loves, he must consequently express it physically, and otherwise heartbroken covers his daily feelings. Actions must immediately follow, because nobody would come to rescue you; there is no rose without thorns, which means that risk is a strong pavement to any fulfillment. In this regard, World Bank and IMF eliminate debts of countries that have distinguished in its management, so that its attitude is sufficient proof to complete any refund. That is why, policy analysis uses a particular statement in this regard, “deserving countries will be forgiven; just to say that debts of certain countries will not be considered at all”. Reaping Farmers and students spend a lot of time sowing. First category sow in its large farms, second invests most of its time to education. After allotted time to work, everyone expects to reap what he has sown with many sorrows. Curiously, some wonder about the extraordinary success of their colleagues, but there are those who strongly invested in their business to earn more, when others did not sufficiently in order to minimize risk. Justice is not prerogative of courts and tribunals only, but time and circumstances reward each and everyone, accordingly. «This gentleman does not deserve, I could manage professionally this company ... Did you take any risk, before? Could you be able to endure like him? " . What was your original dream? What are taken actions in order to achieve this? Big dream requires great sacrifices, naturally. Write it down, from now; your Motivational Speaker tells you today. Enjoying It is impossible to enjoy fruits of labor, when bitter. After distinguishing himself, you'll be up to really enjoy. How's Life? So bad, daily stress and rocketing poverty are close friends. Till when complaints and terror will beat you?


How to gather resources? (From bestseller: SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE(Study of six cases))


How to gather resources?


From the bestseller: SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE (Study of six cases)






I would like to encourage my friends from Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, UK and the USA (especially from California) to get a copy of this inspiring book.


3.  How to gather resources?


Any success requires insertion of appropriate strategies, as no vision can hold without resources, like lovers without resources are condemned to end up shortly.
Imagination is valuable first of all, because everything depends on how people map out a course of action in order to achieve goals.


To illustrate, vision is to create a small company with main mission to commercialize ketchup and mayonnaise packet; how to proceed?
Contact with specialist brands negotiations, interest potential partners of the project, present the business plan to bank, or consider setting-up of production unit.


In this regard, Trent Hamm notes significant points correctly to succeed in life. Specifically, when dream seems clear and perceptible, it will be possible to achieve it without problem. First, know what is necessary for implementing a project, second, assembling funds to face market challenge. What do you have in order to realize your dream?  Actual implementation can take how long? (o)
Marrying views of Trent Hamm leads to realism, as most fail miserably because of inaccessible ideas. Imagine Lubumbashi changes its behavior since a decade, which is quite complicated when it comes to organize an event, no matter how small, for example.
Someone who wants to celebrate his birthday, organize wedding or other event: he relies on family, friends and acquaintances to gather necessary completion for the event.


Apparently it is less wise to sail in this direction; normally, when someone dreams to achieve some goals, he should plan accordingly not at all relying on relatives and friends. Otherwise, it is a big mistake and permanent danger to beneficiary, which is moral debt. Or, you’re up or you’re not. If you are fully committed to move inaccessible to accessible, make a plan that is based on your income, while in the medium term, in order to avoid moral imprisonment.
"This man helped me a lot; I cannot refuse him one service." Perfect, but this of course leads to worst.
At this stage, planning is essential, because you cannot succeed without proper planning. You want to become like such personality, but plan what may ensue immediately after, otherwise failure would have a chance to catch up advanced success.


These allegations encourage people starting first with own resources, before relying on external assistance. In addition, it is best to realize by himself a dream, never target a particular person in order to show what you can do. By cons, if you take time to realize correctly your costly dream; partners and other key players will join you willingly. Just start, before any assistance.
That said you will not exclude any external support, because a good connection can lead to fulfillment of your precious dreams. That is why Patty Azzarello emphasizes three key points in his book RISE, success does not come only through hard work, but it is essential to do so carefully «Do better." Beyond a good performance, Being visible in what you do, and especially sympathize with those who can boost your vision «LOOK Better " and finally join and access the circle of those who are able to provide great opportunities for success; be as well eligible to stakeholders "CONNECT Better ." (p)


In summary, all of these steps present some of key strategies that make successful projects; however, better conclusion is to rely on his resources first.