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How to gather resources? (From bestseller: SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE(Study of six cases))


How to gather resources?


From the bestseller: SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE (Study of six cases)






I would like to encourage my friends from Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, UK and the USA (especially from California) to get a copy of this inspiring book.


3.  How to gather resources?


Any success requires insertion of appropriate strategies, as no vision can hold without resources, like lovers without resources are condemned to end up shortly.
Imagination is valuable first of all, because everything depends on how people map out a course of action in order to achieve goals.


To illustrate, vision is to create a small company with main mission to commercialize ketchup and mayonnaise packet; how to proceed?
Contact with specialist brands negotiations, interest potential partners of the project, present the business plan to bank, or consider setting-up of production unit.


In this regard, Trent Hamm notes significant points correctly to succeed in life. Specifically, when dream seems clear and perceptible, it will be possible to achieve it without problem. First, know what is necessary for implementing a project, second, assembling funds to face market challenge. What do you have in order to realize your dream?  Actual implementation can take how long? (o)
Marrying views of Trent Hamm leads to realism, as most fail miserably because of inaccessible ideas. Imagine Lubumbashi changes its behavior since a decade, which is quite complicated when it comes to organize an event, no matter how small, for example.
Someone who wants to celebrate his birthday, organize wedding or other event: he relies on family, friends and acquaintances to gather necessary completion for the event.


Apparently it is less wise to sail in this direction; normally, when someone dreams to achieve some goals, he should plan accordingly not at all relying on relatives and friends. Otherwise, it is a big mistake and permanent danger to beneficiary, which is moral debt. Or, you’re up or you’re not. If you are fully committed to move inaccessible to accessible, make a plan that is based on your income, while in the medium term, in order to avoid moral imprisonment.
"This man helped me a lot; I cannot refuse him one service." Perfect, but this of course leads to worst.
At this stage, planning is essential, because you cannot succeed without proper planning. You want to become like such personality, but plan what may ensue immediately after, otherwise failure would have a chance to catch up advanced success.


These allegations encourage people starting first with own resources, before relying on external assistance. In addition, it is best to realize by himself a dream, never target a particular person in order to show what you can do. By cons, if you take time to realize correctly your costly dream; partners and other key players will join you willingly. Just start, before any assistance.
That said you will not exclude any external support, because a good connection can lead to fulfillment of your precious dreams. That is why Patty Azzarello emphasizes three key points in his book RISE, success does not come only through hard work, but it is essential to do so carefully «Do better." Beyond a good performance, Being visible in what you do, and especially sympathize with those who can boost your vision «LOOK Better " and finally join and access the circle of those who are able to provide great opportunities for success; be as well eligible to stakeholders "CONNECT Better ." (p)


In summary, all of these steps present some of key strategies that make successful projects; however, better conclusion is to rely on his resources first.





What do you want? Afterwards (From the bestseller SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE(study of six cases))


What do you want? Afterwards


From the bestseller: SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE (Study of six cases)






I would like to encourage my friends from Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, UK and the USA (especially from California) to get a copy of this inspiring book.


1.  What do I want?




“Cherish your vision and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.” Napoleon Hill




Referring to genesis of my excellent relationship with the Presidency of the Republic of South Africa, it is clear that I took high risk of sending a handwritten correspondence to the Head of State of a great country. What status did I, because my NPO was not yet registered at the Ministry of Social Development? It was too risky.


However, I knew what I was doing and what exactly wanted; for sure, I was paving the way to a better career. «Nothing ventured, nothing either." This raises a critical question: where are you going? Is your capital sufficient? Are you up to it, or is it just a wish?
In connection with the preceding paragraph, a teacher emphasized the impact of resources in phase of implementing a project, which are named «strengths».


Knowing what you want gives direction and helps you to have a clear idea on needed resources for materializing; otherwise it is advisable to seek partners for realizing what you want. One may ask three questions, as would Professor Shanna Beaman: Am I able doing something? What kind of project can I conduct? What is my productive talent? (Discover your attractive ability)

In the light of study completed by Professor Shanna about «Are you familiar with your skills? », It is reasonable to dream big, because achievement is possible. (l)


For Mattan Griffel, know exactly what is desired enables man to advance in life; otherwise it will be impossible to sail in an unknown direction. And most importantly, it is necessary to spend time on activities that fit with what you want to achieve; this avoids any confusion in future. In addition, many fail because of poor time management. Instead of focusing on vital project, they spend time to what others do, including politicians, musicians, actors, athletes, friends and acquaintances; "do you see what your friend wears? Did you scrutinize senior director statement, in connection with daily issues? Unprofitable talkativeness spends unnecessarily energy and time, as Griffel said. All this does absolutely nothing to them, in terms of success, because they lose energy by ignorance. Much better build strategic relationships, such as to fill the void in their curriculum. (m)

various definitions of success are available, according to every single situation, because each one prioritize specifically. For some, marriage is high priority, for others employment, while scholars advocate for business strategy in way to boost small and medium enterprises.


What is exactly the meaning of success/succeed? Become a member of parliament or sponsoring a firm? Each of us is able to define accordingly, but knowing what you want announces deserving outcomes. Otherwise it is almost impossible to control a sector, as mists persist.
Know what you want alleviates increasing trouble, because of highest assurance of materializing a dream; otherwise, engaging in incommode venture is daily activity. By lack of knowledge, people eventually give up vital projects or commit suicide.
I admire this man, look at his biceps; it makes me want to ... I wish I occupy a large home! Perfect. But in everything you do, you should attach a second question, absolutely, "And after that? ».
Failure to grasp with certainty what you want, several fail because they use dangerous shortcuts instead of fragmenting their project. Or, you want it or you do not. Otherwise, some impromptu circumstances can upset everything. With that, I talked with a handsome and cunning young man about what he did in his life, curiously, he revealed that he is pastor.
In light of my experience, I have seen many people becoming casual pastors to achieve their goals, which is why it was easy for me to make a based deduction. Is it a vocation, or a strategic shortcut?


In conclusion, it is often advisable to better analyze what you want to do, because effects of future consequences are always negative. Is this what you want, really? Is it a competition? Is it a simple strategic shortcut? Is it a simple mistake? Is it a fragmentation of a vision? Do not say that you wish you were God, because it seems logically inaccessible.






“And after that event (dream), what will be the next step?”
Have a clear idea of what you want to do is a significant step, but real consequences still inaccessible. Want to achieve a goal at all costs leads to success as described carefully in this book, but following consequences are unknown, each achievement generates new challenges. For instance, not everyone welcomes with open arms your success, jealous and enemies are around you. So, always use highest wisdom, until you build a deserving environment.


Indeed, having a vision of realizing a big dream is just a wish, but trying to imagine what is possible to achieve it is so far better. To add to that, it is often common to see success generates big challenges and a deserving lady, once married, disappoints her husband, a politician assassinated after reaching the presidency, receiving his letter of dismissal after a year contract,  young graduate embracing unemployment, overcome obesity when unable to get relevant clothes; and so on.


So, success does not always bring happiness, but it generates successive torments, which require conquests. In other words, life is a battle that requires so many strategies to overcome; it means logically that human being must be conqueror till death.


Having regard to abovementioned analysis, English-speaking cities promote a key principle when talking about professional mutations, through adage: «Keep on Applying ". It is advisable to submit CVs where vacancies seem available, because firing is possible. Scientifically, this way of acting refers to project management as described in Human Resources course.


Yes, it is prudent to allocate significant power contingencies, to sweeten future effects of the worst.


Fifteen years ago, Lubumbashi saw a nightmare when a graduate student had tried to emasculate because of an unexpected breakup with his girlfriend. Fortunately, medicine, during those days of 20th Century, had successfully rescued his reproductive organ. Was it stupid? No, by lack of information, people make wrong decisions.


In way to understand what happened to that young man; people should always scrutinize consequences of any achievement, which are not necessarily positive. I wanted to get married, so how to deal with an unfaithful partner? Do not rush, try to find exactly what you want, otherwise you will experience a worse future.


I have just passed, and what is going to happen hereafter? Are you the first person to cross barrier of success? What was the basic failure of your predecessor?


Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, through its desire to create middle class, facilitated artisanal mining of mineral resources by its nationals via mining cooperatives. Curiously, cooperatives do not see with a visionary eye post artisanal mining in the DRC. Everyone squanders what he earns, without ever thinking about moving to small mine, even more; cooperatives do not broaden its scope beyond mines. This is already a danger watching the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Having regard to the foregoing, the following scale mining means, when scrutinizing DRC Mining Code, sail to small mining unit with semi-industrial processing, invest in agriculture or other sustainable business, or yet individually develop activities other than mines to actually create a middle class with an expanded management. Curiously, no one does this in practice; despite few of them are trying to perform well.
How to put this in the right way, because post mining period is always predictable? It is a matter that must scrupulously treat relevant ministry, post artisanal miners looks disastrous, hence the question “what is going to happen hereafter?”(Afterwards)


It was easy for me to catch this matter when I was executive in charge of Research, Exploration and Exploitation of a Mining Cooperative based in Lubumbashi. In other words, success is able to cover every venture when fully committed, but solving key problems during recession is very important than appearances. How to deal with complicated matters during recession?




After believing in a vision/ project, it is desirable to make careful analyses about Reality. Want to become a special adviser? Expect a life of distrust, because policy making environment is suspicious. So, how to deal with this kind of matter?
If things seem like above-described, it is advisable being careful when dealing with policy makers and decision makers.


Knowing how to deal with complicated matters helps you better sit your mind, and most importantly, to resist any possible shock, which is able to destroy your confidence.


According to Dharmesh Shah, Bestseller and Founder of Hub Spot, finding employment is not enough, however, maximizing his best during the first ninety days by building relationships that are based on performance, instead of unnecessary conversations. (n)
Just to say that success breeds another year of conquest, because life is full of battles.


Succinctly, a committed analyst relies on a second option, imperatively; that means “if things get worse, second option can assist”. This is very important because you should everyday protect costly success. In other words, a second option sustains always any project.







Two attractive strategies in today’s century


Two attractive strategies in today’s century


Success is possible (study of six cases) is one of the most attractive books of 21st Century, because full of practical strategies.


Competition becomes daily issue of emerging market; so, people start crying because they are not able to achieve some of precious goals. However, reading successful books is not enough, because Reality imposes grievous conditions to Dreamers.


How to overcome daily challenges?


·         Less talk, more actions: accept to lose everything, when remaining focused and fully committed to your vision.


·         Accommodate daily high Risk: achieving shortly any goal requires significant Risk; otherwise, complaints rocket.




These two are able to transport you everywhere. Much talk encourages failure to integrate daily, because any talkative attitude discloses strategies to challenges.


On other hand, Risk helps people to believe strongly in themselves.


It is definitely possible to get anything via these two.


Cliff Yumba Mpiana WANE, Motivational Speaker and Success Expert


Twitter: @cliffwane