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Take your time, Happiness is possible. By Cliff Wane

Take your time, Happiness is possible. By Cliff Wane (From the bestseller SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE (study of six cases) Twitter: @cliffwane Money and wisdom are for sure precious tools in today’s world; but we are not worshippers of the two. It is just necessary to underline the impact of its implications in daily. However, life is always linked to circumstances and living conditions; on other hand, God is able to grant someone with many years, no matter his unsatisfactory social conditions. What is very important remains happiness; how old are you? I do not actually know, but try to weight circumstances that happened to you during whatever you have tried to achieve. Are there positive? I am not sure, because sorrow accompanies human being every season; today, you smile, tomorrow is another day. At least, when SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE (study of six cases) asks you a critical question, which is WHAT DO YOU WANT? Just say: I want Happiness. Do not say: Money; because the following question will be: Afterward (After Money, you will need another material. Therefore, Happiness is our main expectation. Moreover, It seems that I am a motivational speaker, but I need as well happiness). Take your time, sustainable happiness is possible. To emphasize, I was shocked to see one of my friends pouring his bitterness to me:” he has decided to divorce because his wife could not accommodate a husband with a minuscule private part, according to her statement (it means after insulting her:”you haven’t a female attractive body, I made a mistake to marry you”)”. Happiness is very important, money is the lowest because happy people deserve to live many years; strangely, Money shortens sometimes life, even wisdom. When people know more or have got many investments, they are about to do unacceptable because of their highest knowledge. Is it possible to be happy? Yes, of course; desire and actions make it possible. Therefore, carrying a big heart is able to generate sustainable happiness. This is my empirical conclusion. Are you really happy? Be honest with yourself What do you think (about my conclusion)?


Réaliser son Rêve, c'est possible! Par Cliff Wane


Réaliser son Rêve, c’est possible! Par Cliff Wane


(Tiré de la philosophie du bestseller Réussir, c’est possible ! Etude de six cas)


Twitter : @cliffwane




La Vision et la Réalité cohabitent difficilement ; ce qui fait que plusieurs sont frappés par le découragement progressif. Par ailleurs, les imprévus y afférents participent activement à l’accomplissement de plusieurs des objectifs prioritaires.


Pour illustrer, il arrive que vous souhaitiez de tout cœur accéder au rêve le plus précieux ; curieusement, la Réalité vous en  empêche logiquement. « Vous voulez faire des jumeaux avec votre femme, mais la fausse couche intervient cinq mois après la conception. Que faire ? Refaire l’exercice procréateur sans relâche.


A la lumière de notre observation empirique, la Réalité et le Rêve cohabitent pacifiquement ; néanmoins, la procédure imposée par la Réalité déplait souvent le visionnaire impatient. Pour renchérir, la moisson n’intervient pas lors des semailles ; certainement, il faut du temps pour en arriver.


Eu égard à ce qui précède, certaines personnes récoltent des résultats approximatifs parce qu’elles réfutent le cours normal des choses, d’où l’apparition du concept PREMATURE.


De manière sommaire, l’humiliation et la constance facilitent la réalisation du rêve tel que conçu par le rêveur dévoué.




Money and Wisdom are precious tools in today's world. By Cliff Wane


Money and wisdom are precious tools in today’s world. By Cliff Wane


(From the bestseller SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE (study of six cases) PIPE Strategy   Twitter : @cliffwane




People build only profitable relationships, which rely on Money and Wisdom. However, it is not understandable to be considered in today’s world, when there is no significant proof that is attractive. Who are you and what kind of business are you doing?


Love affair in today’s world does not at all rely on pleasure, but money and wisdom are behind apparent feelings.


Someone cannot involve in unprofitable relationship, even relatives; so everything is based on profit. To fully succeed in today’s world; you need to use Money or Wisdom; it critically means that making yourself more attractive.




Wisdom is able to make Money and more consideration, which is why intelligent and wise countrymen are behind powerful men. So, when living miserably, the best is to detect what is important within you; otherwise, poverty and unsatisfactory conditions will enlarge the space of its tent.


Discovering your potential is able to transport you everywhere, according to your vision. Thus, people are attracted by all that glitters; despite not at all relevant, be first of all attractive before improving anything.




Money helps everyone to get whatever he wants, I would like to visit Hawaii Island, following day I take my flight (because of Money). I would like to build a big company; feasibility study and recruitment start because of Money.


With regard to above paragraph, Money is able to build any kind of relationship, so wise and intelligent are willing to work for those financially powerful.


In a nutshell, it is possible to feel happy when one of the two are daily used; otherwise, people qualify you useless in today’s society.