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Money and Wisdom are precious tools in today's world. By Cliff Wane


Money and wisdom are precious tools in today’s world. By Cliff Wane


(From the bestseller SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE (study of six cases) PIPE Strategy   Twitter : @cliffwane




People build only profitable relationships, which rely on Money and Wisdom. However, it is not understandable to be considered in today’s world, when there is no significant proof that is attractive. Who are you and what kind of business are you doing?


Love affair in today’s world does not at all rely on pleasure, but money and wisdom are behind apparent feelings.


Someone cannot involve in unprofitable relationship, even relatives; so everything is based on profit. To fully succeed in today’s world; you need to use Money or Wisdom; it critically means that making yourself more attractive.




Wisdom is able to make Money and more consideration, which is why intelligent and wise countrymen are behind powerful men. So, when living miserably, the best is to detect what is important within you; otherwise, poverty and unsatisfactory conditions will enlarge the space of its tent.


Discovering your potential is able to transport you everywhere, according to your vision. Thus, people are attracted by all that glitters; despite not at all relevant, be first of all attractive before improving anything.




Money helps everyone to get whatever he wants, I would like to visit Hawaii Island, following day I take my flight (because of Money). I would like to build a big company; feasibility study and recruitment start because of Money.


With regard to above paragraph, Money is able to build any kind of relationship, so wise and intelligent are willing to work for those financially powerful.


In a nutshell, it is possible to feel happy when one of the two are daily used; otherwise, people qualify you useless in today’s society.




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